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The Speedgoat Brew Guide to



If you’ve ever grabbed a cup from us at the farmers market, you’ve seen this method being used to brew it up. Because of the ability to precisely control the variables and consistently produce a high-quality coffee, the Hario V60 pour over is hands-down our preferred brewing method.

Now, here is the step-by-step process that Speedgoat uses to get the perfect cup from a Hario V60 Pour Over.



What You’ll Need

  1. Top-shelf coffee

  2. Hario V60 Cone

  3. Hario V60 Filters

  4. Gooseneck kettle

  5. Grinder

  6. Vessel

  7. Kitchen scale

  8. Stirring Spoon or Paddle


  1. Timer

  2. Thermometer

  3. Carafe

  4. Bamboo Stirrer

(Most items linked at the bottom of this page)



1. Measure and grind 18-21 grams of beans per 8oz cup of coffee

  • Measure out your coffee on the scale

  • Grind to medium-fine coarseness (rough sand-like texture)

  • Set aside while the water boils


2. Bring your water to a full boil

  • A kitchen thermometer is useful if you have one. If you do, bring your water to exactly 204 degrees.

  • If you don’t have one, be sure that you hit a rolling boil before removing your kettle from heat.


3. Prepare your filter and cone

Note: This step does 2 important things:

  1. Removes the paper taste from the filter

  2. Heats the brewer and your mug

  • Fold the edge of your filter and place into the cone

  • Rinse your filter in the V60 cone over your vessel



4. Set your scale

  • Place your vessel on top of the scale with the cone + filter combo on top of the mug


5. Place your coffee grounds into the rinsed filter

  • Give it a light shake to level the dose or use a finger to make a little pocket


6. Turn on (or tare) your scale




1. Pre-infuse (bloom) the coffee, start your timer, and watch your scale (each g = mL)

  • Gently pour in the center of the grounds until coffee is covered, aiming for 30-40 grams of water

  • Watch in awe as the coffee blooms for 30 seconds

Note: Take care here! This is the pre-infusion of the coffee. How you treat your bloom will largely determine how the rest of your cup turns out.






2. Continue pouring water over the slurry

  • Steadily pour the water in a circular, spiraling motion from center to edge of the brewer until hitting 100 grams on the scale.

  • Stir with the spoon or bamboo paddle

  • Pour slow and steady or “pulse-pour” to maintain a constant water level in the cone to keep consistent temperature and extraction rate of the slurry

Note: Rate of pour = rate of extraction. Pulse-pour method at about 20-30 grams of water each pulse should reach 300 grams at about 2:45 and the last of your water should filter through at 3:00.

3. Check the clock and enjoy.

  • When the timer reads 3 minutes, the coffee should be ready to go. Enjoy!

Notes from Speedgoat:

  1. The Ratio. While Speedgoat recommends a 15:1 water to coffee ratio, the ratio can be adjusted. In our experience, 15:1 is a great place to start for our coffee but you might find a little more or a little less to be better for you.

  2. The water temperature. If you really want to get exact, you can monitor your water temperature throughout the entire process.

  3. The Time. Your total time from bloom to cup should take about 3 minutes. So be sure to keep your eye on the timer for the best results.

Need tools and supplies? Here you can get your hands on the V60 and other items: 


Hario V-60 #2 Dripper

Hario V-60 #2 Dripper Starter Kit w/ V-60, Carafe, Filters, Scoop

Hario V-60 #2 Dripper Deluxe Kit w/ Scale, V-60, Carafe, Filters, Scoop

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Hario Buono Kettle

Hario Buono Electric Kettle (pictured above)

Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle w/ Temperature Settings


Hario #2 Paper Filters

Hario Bamboo Stirrer