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Kalita Wave


Unlike most other manual drippers, the Kalita Wave is a flat-bottomed brewer designed to control the flow of water to produce a more predictable cup. Three small holes in the base control water flow similar to that of a larger automatic coffee maker lending greater ease to the user.

The filter style of the Kalita Wave looks like a cupcake cup with ribs that help keep the water in contact with the coffee rather than the sides of the brewer. The paper's stability helps the user keep their brewed coffee free from coffee grounds and ensures even extraction.

What the Kalita Wave lacks in precision it makes up for in consistency. With a design that promotes a balanced cup no matter what technique the user chooses, the Wave is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple solution for manual drip.


Highly Recommended

  1. Kitchen scale

  2. Thermometer

  3. Bamboo Stirrer

  4. Carafe

What You’ll Need

  1. Top-shelf Coffee

  2. Kalita Wave

  3. Kalita Wave Filters

  4. Kettle

  5. Grinder

  6. Timer

  7. Vessel


Brewing With The Kalita

1. Measure and grind 18-21 grams of beans.

  • Measure your coffee on a kitchen scale if it’s handy.

  • Grind to medium-fine coarseness (sand-like texture).

  • Set aside while the water boils.

Note: If you don’t have a scale, 2 tbsp ought to do it.

2. Bring your water to a boil.

Note: This is where a kitchen thermometer comes in handy.

  • Bring your water to a full boil

  • If you don’t have a thermometer, bring your water to a rolling boil then take it off heat for around 30 seconds.


3. Fill the filter with ground coffee.

Note: Pre-rinsing your filter is optional with the Kalita. If you want to give it a quick rinse before putting in the grounds, by all means. But it won’t greatly affect the taste of your coffee.

4. Place cup & Wave brewer on scale and tare.

Note: For most scales, that just means pressing the “on” button again.



1. Pre-infuse (aka “bloom”) the coffee, start your timer, and don’t forget to pay attention to the scale as you pour.

  • To bloom your coffee, gently pour the hot water in the center of the grounds. A general rule is to pour twice as much water as coffee for the bloom. If you’re using 18-21 grams of beans, aim for around 40mL (mL=grams) of water.

  • Let the pre-infusion bloom go for 30 seconds.

Note: The bloom is the catalyst for how your coffee will taste. Make sure to take care in getting this step just right.

Gentle bloom

Gentle bloom

2. After 30 seconds, begin pouring the rest of the water over the grounds

  • Pour in a smooth, circular motion from center to edge until hitting 100mL

  • At 100mL on the scale

  • Continue with a slow and steady “pulse-pour” that maintains a consistent water level in the brewer or use a steady hand and pour slowly in the center until hitting the target weight/volume.

Note: The faster your pour, the faster the extraction, albeit somewhat controlled by the design of the Wave. Whichever way you choose to pour it’s ideal to hit 300 mL at about 2:45 and the last of the water should filter through the coffee bed at 3:00.

3. At 3 minutes, the coffee should be ready to go. Give a gentle stir to help your coffee cool before drinking.


Notes from Speedgoat:

  1. The Ratio. In general, a 15:1 water to coffee ratio is a safe starting point for our coffee, but feel free to play around with it. Find what you like best.

  2. The water temperature. As much as possible, keep the water at a consistent temperature throughout the process. A kitchen thermometer makes it easy!

  3. The Time. Bloom to cup should be about 3 minutes. Too much time or too little will result in a strong, bitter brew or a weak brew, respectively..


Need tools and supplies? Get your hands on the Wave Dripper and other items: 


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Kalita Wave 155 Filters (1-Cup)

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Kalita Wave 185 Filters (2-cup)


Hario Buono Kettle

Hario Buono Electric Kettle (pictured above)

Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle w/ Temperature Settings

Hario Scale w/ Timer (pictured above)


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