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Get it?

Get it?


Used by baristas the world over for quick cups of rich, clean coffee, the AeroPress combines all the benefits of immersion brewing with the enhanced flavor extraction of espresso machines. Its compact and durable design make it ideal for camping, or just for anybody looking for another way to make great coffee.

This guide will be covering the “inverted” method of brewing with the AeroPress, a newer method that, while not technically recommended by the manufacturer, is more commonly used than the classic method.

Now, here is our step-by-step process for getting the perfect cup from your (upside down) AeroPress.


        What You’ll Need                 

  1. Top-shelf coffee

  2. AeroPress

  3. Paper or Metal Filters

  4. Kettle

  5. Grinder

  6. Timer

  7. Vessel


  1. Kitchen Scale

  2. Bamboo Stirrer

  3. Thermometer

 (Most items linked at the bottom of this page)



1. Measure and grind 18-21 grams of beans per 8oz cup of coffee.

  • Measure your coffee on a scale per cup of brewed coffee.

  • Grind to medium-fine coarseness (rough sand-like texture).

  • Set aside while the water boils.

Note: If you don’t have a scale, use 2 level to slightly heaping tbsp.


2. Bring your water to a boil.

  • Allow water to cool for 45-60 seconds to reach 200° (Pouring at boiling temp can scald or over-extract the coffee)

Note: Use a kitchen thermometer if you have one.

3. Rinse the filter with kettle water to remove paper taste and conform the filter.

Able Disk Fine Stainless Filter

Able Disk Fine Stainless Filter

  • Set aside until it’s time to screw it on and plunge your coffee.

Note: If you have a smaller glass to hold your filter, use it to avoid scalding your fingers

4. Set up the AeroPress for inverted brewing.

  • Insert the plunger end of the AeroPress into the wider-diameter receiving end about ½“.

  • The plunger should form an airtight seal within the AeroPress.

  • Place the AeroPress inverted on a flat surface.

### This upside-down position is how the the unit will be used for brewing. ###


1. With the unit standing inverted, pour ground coffee into the filter base of the AeroPress.


2. Start the timer and pour your hot water to bloom the coffee. 

  • Slowly 50 ml of water and stir for 10 seconds or until grounds are completely saturated.

  • Soak the grounds for 30 seconds or until the gases are released.

Note: Take care here. How you treat your bloom is the catalyst for a quality cup of coffee and will largely determine how the rest of your cup turns out.

3.  Pour to the remaining 100ml water at 30 seconds.

  • If you're not using a scale, fill the AeroPress about an inch from the top, or just past the “1” mark.

4. Stir again before placing the to release the remaining gases.

5. Let the brew steep for 1-2 more minutes depending on your taste preference

A step not to be missed.

A step not to be missed.

6. Screw the filter cap with the pre-wet paper or stainless filter onto the unit.


7. Place your vessel over the mouth of the Aeropress and flip.

  • Use two hands - one on the AeroPress and the other on the mug - flip the entire unit so that it’s now rightside up and ready to be pressed into the vessel.

8. Using a square angle with your arm, plunge the AeroPress with enough force to move the plunger slowly.

  • Do not press too aggressively as that could lead to a crushed mug and lost coffee!


9. As soon as you hear air pressure from the AeroPress, you’re done pressing.

10. Finally, add 45 ml water from the kettle to dilute the brew for about a 6oz cup.

Some called it the coffee of the future. We just call it a good cup of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

Some called it the coffee of the future. We just call it a good cup of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

Notes from Speedgoat:

  1. The Ratio. Unlike the normal 15:1 water to coffee ratio that we recommend, the ration in the Aeropress results in a thicker cup of coffee than other methods.  Feel free to play around with it a little and find what's best for you.

  2. The water temperature. Just like the other methods, water temperature is important. Just keep in mind, Aeropress suggests using water about 10 degrees cooler than other methods. Be sure to let the water sit a little longer to let it release some heat after boiling.

  3. The Time. Your total time from bloom to cup should take about 90 seconds to 2.5 minutes. Because it’s essentially an immersion technique like the French Press, letting the AeroPress brew too long could result in an off-target cup of coffee.

  4. Disclaimer. Please note that AeroPress does not officially endorse this method and, in fact, recommends against it due to the possibility of the brewer tipping over and spilling onto the user.

    While we don’t think that’s especially likely to happen, please don’t let any hot water or coffee go anywhere but your cup! We don’t want anybody to get burned in the making of their coffee.  

Need tools and supplies? Here you can get your hands on the AeroPress and other items:

Classic AeroPress Kit w/ Paper Filters, Stirrer, Measuring Spoon, Funnel

Able Brewing DISK Metal Filters (pictured above)

Hario Scale w/ Timer (pictured above)

Escali Kitchen Scale

Long Stem Thermometer

Hario Bamboo Stirrer