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This guide covers how to pull a complex shot of almost-espresso using the AeroPress.

Where an espresso machine relies on a barometric blast of steam to extract flavor, the AeroPress gets by with a potent mix of gravity, stirring, and a touch of elbow grease to yield a shot of strong, deeply flavorful coffee.

Now, here is our step-by-step process for getting "poor-man's espresso" out of your AeroPress.



  1. Kitchen scale

  2. Thermometer

  3. Bamboo Stirrer

Here’s What You’ll need

  1. Top-shelf Coffee

  2. AeroPress

  3. Paper or Metal Filter

  4. Kettle

  5. Grinder

  6. Timer

  7. Vessel



1. Measure and grind 21 grams of beans.

Note: If you don’t have a scale, use 2 slightly heaping tbsp.

  • Measure your coffee on a kitchen scale if it’s handy.

  • Grind to fine coarseness (sand-like texture).

  • Set aside while the water boils.


2. Bring your water to a boil.

Note: Use a kitchen thermometer if you have one.

  • Bring your water to a full boil (204°)

  • Allow water to cool for 45-60 seconds (about 200°) (Pouring at boiling temp can scald or over-extract the coffee)



A Rinsed Filter

A Rinsed Filter

3. Rinse your paper filter with your kettle water to reduce paper taste and conform the filter.

  • Set aside until it’s time to screw it on and plunge your coffee.

Note: If you have a smaller glass to hold your filter, use it to avoid scalding your fingers.

4. Set up the AeroPress for inverted brewing.

  • Insert the plunger end of the AeroPress into the wider-diameter receiving end about ½“.

  • The plunger should form an airtight seal within the AeroPress.

  • Place the brewer on a flat stable surface where it won’t tip over.

### This upside down position is how the the unit will be used for brewing. ###



1. With the unit standing upside-down, pour ground coffee into the mouth of the AeroPress.


2. After the water’s hot, pour in 50ml and start the timer. (1:30 minutes).

  • If you aren’t using a scale, 50ml of water should run up to the "3" when the AeroPress is inverted.


3.  Immediately stir it here to make sure all the coffee grounds come in contact with the water.





Using Able Disk Filter

Using Able Disk Filter

4. Screw on the pre-wet filter.

  • Don’t want to forget this step!




5. At the 60 second mark on the timer, flip the AeroPress onto your drinking vessel. If it doesn't fit, use the included AeroPress funnel on top of the mug.



7. Slowly press the plunger as the timer reaches 0 seconds on the countdown.

8. As soon as you the hear air coming from the AeroPress, you’re done! 



Notes from Speedgoat:

  1. The water temperature. If you really want to be precise in your brewing, you can monitor the water temperature throughout the entire process.

  2. The Time. At a total time of about a minute and a half, this method is by far the fastest manual method you can do at home.

  3. Enjoy it straight or dilute it. While this method doesn’t yield a shot as concentrated as a true espresso, it does produce a cup that might be preferred when diluted. For a small Americano-style drink, add 40-50ml of hot water to the shot and enjoy it a little bit longer.

Need tools and supplies? Here you can get your hands on the AeroPress and other items:

Classic AeroPress Kit w/ Paper Filters, Stirrer, Measuring Spoon, Funnel

Able Brewing DISK Metal Filters

Hario Scale w/ Timer (pictured above)

Escali Kitchen Scale

Long Stem Thermometer

Hario Bamboo Stirrer